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My little sister really liked Hayato this episode because he’s such a tiny little thing… and of course despite all the sudden drama she still managed to find a way to pick on Sousuke anyway. B| Or “Darkness” as she affectionately referred to him as this week. But that’s how you know she likes him, I guess. (How can you not, really; he has the weight of the world on his shoulders… (。□°))

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Here’s my little sister’s reactions to episode 9 of Free! Eternal Summer! Sorry for the delay (again) sob. I recently picked up a job and she’s recently started up school again so we’ve been a little busy! But of course we’ll always manage to make free time. ;)

… as you can see, even during terrible episodes like this, she finds a way to poke fun at everyone. If I could count the number of shoulder jokes she’s made since this episode, there would be… way too many hahaaaa.

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Sorry for the huge delay! (again sob) But finally: here’s my little sister’s reactions to episode 10 of Free! Eternal Summer!

This is one of her favorite episodes of the season so far because it has her favorite character in it (Fish Master, of course), so naturally she had quite a bit to say about it. Not always nice things, but funny things nonetheless, right? … yes, she is a bit of a dark child ahaaa…

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